Getting naked in a lift

Getting naked in a lift

Sometimes in life I am reminded that the little things in life are so important. Both of my children rang me for a chat this morning on their way into their respective jobs. That set my day up absolutely brilliantly as they both seemed very happy. I worry more about my children now that they are young adults because it is a tough world out there. All we should ever really want for our kids in life is good health and happiness and both Joel and Jodie exuded that this morning!

I promised to share in this blog why getting in a lift with me should come with a government health warning. I have never been stuck in a lift but it has always been a big fear of mine. This is because I am fairly sure that it could bring about a very nasty panic attack and possibly cause me great harm. Due to this fear, I thought long and hard about a strategy to cope with such a crisis and one day it came to me. The solution: STRIP NAKED. If I was standing naked I would then panic that the lift would suddenly start moving again, the doors would open and I would be left feeling embarrassed. Consequently, my theory is that the two scenarios cancel out each other. Panic about being ‘stuck in a lift’ versus panic about ‘not being stuck in a lift’….it works for me anyway and has enabled me to carry on using lifts for the last 40 years!

I admit that when I ‘signed off’ this coping mechanism in my head I totally forgot that the majority of time when you are stuck in a lift you are not alone! Secondly, I once was in a lift on my own and it did appear to be stuck as it hadn’t moved for about 30 seconds. I did panic and my emergency strategy kicked in immediately. I had undone all the buttons on my shirt when the lift suddenly moved and the doors opened again within seconds. The young lady getting in did give me a strange glance as I was still buttoning up my shirt as I stepped out on to my floor. Oh my god, if that lift had been stationary between floors for just another 45 seconds what would she have seen then!!!
In my next blog, I am going to have a huge rant, I have been putting this subject off for days but it is time to unload BIG TIME. Always remember that in life the longer you hold on to things the heavier they become…..I will feel much lighter after the fourth posting on my blog.

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