Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions

I am generally known as someone who is very positive and always has a happy disposition. I am humbled that people turn to me when needing support, encouragement, inspiration, non-judgemental advice or just someone to listen to their troubles. I am seen as someone who is strong and able to cope with just about everything… »Read More

Discovering Self Compassion

My life changed for the worse on the 2nd September 1986 when at 24 years old I suffered a panic attack whilst interviewing somebody. For the next 30 years I suffered in silence with my mental health and spent so many days in my career hiding from colleagues around me my constant battles with anxiety.… »Read More

Who is the Usain Bolt of Mental Health?

Why is it that when we think about physical health we naturally picture a very positive image of somebody like Usain Bolt but when we visualise mental health we picture somebody looking pained with their head in their hands? You can put it to the test by typing physical health and mental health into google… »Read More

Bingo Wings or Healthy Minds?

I was just finishing one of my talks this week when I noticed a man in a wheelchair becoming quite tearful. Through his tears he managed to send me across a smile and then gestured that he would like to talk to me when I had finished. He waited patiently whilst I spoke with several… »Read More

Wellbeing programmes drive energy levels

I am now coming to the end of my first full year working with HR teams to create stigma free environments of trust and openness. I am privileged to be working with so many talented people and I have learnt so much on my travels. What has struck me recently is how much less we… »Read More